Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fong Yoong Kheong on 938live's "A Slice of Life Hour"

Our Eunos CC YEC Vice-Chairman Fong Yoong Kheong was invited to 938Live to share on volunteerism at the "A Slice of Life Hour" programme on 15 June 2012.

YEC Vice-Chairman Fong Yoong Kheong with fellow PAYM youth leader Iswandie Wanhar

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Eunos Youth Club welcomes new batch of BNSS SLC members

It was a Saturday, a weekend where most youths would spend time relaxing, going out with friends and having fun. A group of students from Bedok North Secondary School chose instead to participate in a discussion on what they wanted to do for the community.

You might be surprised but it is proven that one feels good when one helps other people.

But I am not trying to say they are helping just because they can feel good, the feeling good part is just a bonus. They are all doing this from their heart; they feel that this is the right thing to do. Don’t despair when you see youngsters nowadays just smoke, club and drink and get wasted. There is always a group that is opposite of that. So why aren’t we advocating more of the good? Maybe it is due to the nature of our society, bad news appeals to us more as they appears more interesting, they surprises you as they can happen to people you least expect, in almost impossible situations. As shared by a friend: Hypocrites are always too eager to spread the bad news, this is how a nation sinks; if you actually give a crap about the world, advocate the good.
It is heart warming to see volunteers of such a young age coming forward to contribute to the community, in doing this, we hope they will help spread the positivity and encourage more people to do so!

At the end of the discussion, they will be organizing a CCA day where students from neighborhood primary school can get to improve and experience different type of CCA from which they will find what they like to do and lead a healthy lifestyle. We wish them the best of luck. =)

Ice-Breaker activities

YEC Chairman Kam Chee Lee briefing SLC members on PAYM and Eunos CC YEC

YEC members mentoring SLC members in planning a service learning project

SLC members sharing their ideas

By Ng Yong Quan, Adventure Secretary, Eunos CC YEC