Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spending a Meaningful evening with my SP Juniors

I had the privilege to work with my juniors from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) on 15 May 2012. Eunos CC Youth Club is a partner as part of the Social Innovation Programme (SIP), a multi-disciplinary module for all year 2 students. Eunos CC Youth Club bridged the students with Eunos Zone '6' Residents' Committee (RC) to conduct a needs survey to investigate why there is low youth participation at the community level.

Having graduated from SP, it was really admirable to see students coming forward to contribute to society. Be it a compulsory project set by their school or they are doing it willingly, it’s really nice to see them being selfless, being able to improve the lives of others, improving family ties by putting in the effort to organize programs for the residents.

Debrief Session with RC Chairman Seow Tian Guan

What really surprised me were the disciplines that the students are came from, for example, digital gaming which has no relationship to this program. And guess what, they are doing this interview beyond school hours! Furthermore they had travelled all the way down to Bedok Reservoir road and they are residing a distance away. They even had lessons the next day at 8am. By the way, we ended the interview that night at 10.30pm at Bedok Reservoir.

Most of the feedback they received from the young residents point to lack of time or commitment. This world has become more realistic as everybody is trying to improve oneself, trying to outdo one another, trying to survive in this world where the strongest benefit the most. While this is not wrong, it should not eat into too much of your life. The time available has decreased as the time left is shared between families, friends and also your own personal time. And with technology fast changing our way of life, the need to talk has decreased as well as people can easily talk to each other on the internet without the need for face to face talk.

We all know that family bonding and building community spirit are very important, but what we lack is the little more bit of effort from all of us to build that bond and the little reminders to constantly remind us to do something about it and not to take them for granted.

By Ng Yong Quan, Adventure Secretary, Eunos CC YEC