Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Y.E.A. - Youths of Eunos in Action

Do Youths Care?

In the last two weekends of October, youths across the island embark on a variety of community service projects. In celebration of its 40th birthday, youths were encouraged to give back to the community in an island-wide coordinated effort (entitled YOUths Care @ PAYM) for youths to serve the community.

On 29 Oct 2011, Eunos Youth Club hosted a entertainment-filled dinner for the elderly of Kreta-Ayer and the needy residents living locally. Subtitled, "inspiring a movement of youth volunteerism", the project aimed to contribute to the community via altruistic inputs by different shareholders.

Preparations started early. While a group of youth volunteers went to Kreta Ayer to assist the elderly in boarding the buses, another group of youth volunteers moved to set up the venue for the event.

In its continual efforts to engage youths and maximize youth outreach, the Eunos Youth Club managed to obtain 19 first-time volunteers via the help of SGcares. Not forgetting its aim to use this event as a springboard to inspire "a movement of youth volunteerism", a few of the Eunos Youth Club Youth Executive Committee members did a brief sharing of community experiences and leadership.

(Pre-event, Jordan, Asst. Gen. Sec. of Eunos CC YEC, help to brief the volunteers and allay fears.)

(Chairman Hock Rong, shared his experiences of volunteering in the grassroots with the first-time volunteers.)

And soon, the elderly from Kreta Ayer arrived!

(A jubilant elderly posing triumphantly!)

(A new volunteer goes to "work".)

(Volunteers helping the elderly.)

(Soon the Eunos CC Hall is filled with needy local residents and the elderly from Kreta Ayer.)

(The multi-talented emcees kick off the show!)

(With their command of the dialects, English and Chinese, they engage the diverse crowd fluently. It was a night of laughter as the duo continuously injected life and spirit into the dining affair.)

(As the night grows, the emcees entertained the crowd with innovative games and activities.)

(It was my privilege to address the crowd and offer my gratitude to the various volunteer groups and organisations that have made this event a possibility.)

(Food is served!)

(As the guests enjoyed their dinner, three talented volunteer guzheng players filled the hall with melodious and mesmerizing Zheng music.)

(The trio from Zheng Ensemble mesmerized the crowd with their technique and renditions of oldies.)

(Soon the fun-loving guitarists from Volunteer Guitar Connection claimed the night's loudest applause for their non-stop rendition of popular hits from the good old days and contemporary pop. The highlight of the night will certainly be a medley of hits from the past!)

(See! Even Uncle here, irresistibly started dancing.)

(However, all good things have to come to an end. But the experiences that the new volunteers have and happiness in this photo will stay.)

(Brought to you by the youths who care.)

The Eunos CC YEC wish to extend their utmost gratitude to:-
4. Zheng Ensemble
5. SGcares

And a great thank you to all our dear local residents who came to support us. We hope you enjoy yourselves. See you at our next event.