Monday, March 28, 2011

Over 100 Eunosians support Earth Hour

Never mind the numerous large-scale Earth Hour events happening around Singapore that night. Youths from the Eunos Heights Youth Network (Eunos Zone '3' Residents' Committee Youth Chapter) and Eunos Community Club (CC) Youth Executive Committee initiated and planned an Earth Hour celebration for Eunosians at Eunos CC.

Interactive Games

This is the first-ever Earth Hour event conducted within Eunos (Aljunied GRC) itself. The event was supported by Aljunied Town Council, which switched off the billboard lightings within Eunos; Eunos Community Club, which switched off most of the ground floor lightings; and the National Environment Agency, with informative collaterals for participants.

The principal objective of the 2-hour event was to create awareness to the Earth Hour movement to the grassroots. Some participants got to know about this global movement that evening.
Participants also gathered to make a pledge to protect the Environment by forming a large "60" (the symbol of Earth Hour).

Vegan buffet dinner was served.

Thanks to our volunteers and participants for making this historical moment possible!