Monday, January 25, 2010

Zaobao features PAYM Policy Forum @ Aljunied GRC & Hougang SMC

Lianhe Zaobao (25/1/10)

Minister Lim Hwee Hua: There should be no differentiation between "Old" and "New" Citizens

Although the government has differentiated the benefits of permanent residents and citizens, there should be no divide between "old" and "new" citizens, once foreigners take up Singapore citizenship.

Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister, Prime Minister Office and Second Minister for Finance and Transport, attended the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Policy Forum @ Aljunied GRC & Hougang SMC as Guest of Honour. The topic for the forum was "Foreign Talent and Integrating New Citizens". During the dialogue, Mrs Lim noticed that there were some Singaporeans who feel that local-born and bred Singaporeans ("old" citizens) should have more benefits than "new" citizens.

"The obligations of foreigners differ from those of citizens, hence the disparity in benefits of both groups. However, as citizens who share the same obligations, there should no difference in entitlements. If we need to demarcate between "old" and "new" citizens, how do we justify how "new" is "new" and how "old" is "old"? 5 years? 10 years? Or 15 years? It's hard to justify," said Mrs Lim.

Mrs Lim also pointed out that the government uses the term "new citizens" to emphasise that they might experience difficulties in integrating into society, and might require tolerance and assistance of locals. The term is not used to mean any division between "old" and "new" citizens.

Responding to a point raised by a participant that "new" citizens prefer to associate with members of their own groups and that they are not willing to integrate with Singaporeans, Mrs Lim posed a question. "How many of you have studied or worked abroad? How many of you could blend with the locals there instantaneously?" Using this example, she told participants that it is important to put themselves in the shoes of "new" citizens" in considering these factors.

Our forefathers who came to Singapore also had to undergo a process of integration into society, taking time to understand the local culture and develop a sense of belonging. During this process, mutual understanding is needed, said Mrs Lim.

Regarding those Singaporeans who study or work abroad, Mrs Lim said that the government has not forgotten the importance of local talents, but it is not practical for the government to prohibit Singaporeans from venturing abroad. "We need to retain foreign talent, and also instil a sense of belonging to Singaporeans living abroad by various measures, including setting up contact points to connect Singaporeans together and providing them with information about the country. This way, no matter where Singaporeans are, they could still contribute to the country."

Hosting Minister of the forum, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, who is also a Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, also stressed that in this globalised economy, every country is attracting and losing talents. Competition cannot be avoided. "Instead of losing foreign talents who go on to work for other teams, why not attract them to be part of our team?"

Mr Zainul also pointed out that during periods of economic downturn, Singaporeans tend to feel that foreign talents snatch away their rice bowls, but they forgotten the fact that foreign talents also contribute in economic recovery. Therefore, youths should look in the long term to adjust their mindsets.

A total of 70 youths participated in the policy forum, of whom some were permanent residents and new citizens. Permanent resident, Sarah Pham, 23, who came from Vietnam, said, "Through today's forum, I feel that integration requires efforts from both parties. No matter whether you are a foreigner or a Singaporean, you need to interact more to prevent misunderstanding."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hock Rong elected to PAYM CYC

At the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Central Youth Council (CYC) Biennial General Meeting conducted on 20 January 2010 at People's Association Headquarters, Eunos CC YEC Chairman Sear Hock Rong was popularly elected as a member of the CYC.

The CYC members are elected by districts. In the North East District, Chairpersons from Aljunied GRC, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Tampines GRC and Hougang SMC voted for their nominees. Each Chairperson can vote up to four names. Out of the 6 nominees standing for election, only 4 were voted in.

Besides Hock Rong from Eunos CC YEC, the other North East District CYC members are Lina Chong from Pasir Ris-Elias CC YEC, Daphne Goh from Tampines Central CC YEC and Tang Wey Lin from Serangoon CC YEC. They will serve a 2-year term in the CYC.

Hock Rong had also won a Stars of Shine award in 2009, and had been featured in the Spring Magazine a few months back.

The CYC members will convene the Office Bearer Meeting on 5 March 2010.

Eunos CC YEC extends its warmest congratulations to our Chairman.

Join in Singapore's LARGEST Street Dance Party

How does the idea of dancing on the F1 Track sounds to you? Slightly cool.

Then how about that of joining thousands of youths in dancing on the F1 Track? Definitely cool!!!

For the first time, City Alive! 2010 will be held at the F1 track. City Alive! 2010 is an annual post-Chingay mega street dance party.

City Alive! 2010
Limited tickets selling out fast.

Grab your City Alive! 2010 tickets now at Eunos Community Club!

P.S.: Be There or Be SQUARE

Sunday, January 17, 2010

YEC & SLC Members Lunch in with SMS Zainul

9 January 2010

What do you get when you have done something very special? What kind of reward should one receive from winning 2 meritorious awards at the inaugural PAYM Service Learning Festival 2009? Well, a simple pat on the back, a hug and a congratulation handshake is what most would receive. But, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed went one step further and invited all SLC members for lunch at Velu's Family Restaurant, Eunos Community Club. YEC members also joined in the appreciation lunch session.

It was an afternoon of spice and sweat. Everyone was treated with servings of Indian food. There were dishes like fried fish and curry! But, all these delicious dishes were packed with a punch! They were all very spicy! Most students and YEC members were continuously asking for drink refills just to cool their body down!

After lunch, Mr Zainul and YEC Chairman Hock Rong both gave their speech before souvenirs were handed out to everyone present before a group photo was taken.

It was definitely an exciting afternoon and lunch filled with many ‘hot’ things!

Jordan Ng
Executive Member, 13th term Eunos CC YEC

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For the YOung and YOuthful - YoSpinz on PA's website!

After another successful performance at the recent "Happy Smiles, Joyous Hearts" organised by five PAYM Service Learning Clubs and supported by Eunos CC YEC, there was another piece of good news for YoSpinz, a yo-yo Interest Group under Eunos CC Youth Club. YoSpinz gets featured on the People's Association website!

For the YOung and YOuthful - 11 January 2010

It goes down, and it comes up. Just like playing the yoyo, the sport has its seasons. Playing the yoyo in Singapore was popular in 1997. The hype died down shortly after, only to pick up again, in 2003, when Singapore had its first ever professional “Singapore Yoyo Championships”. The trend started declining soon after but it has picked up momentum again.

Just last year, Singapore played host to the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships (from 31 October 2008 – 2 November 2008) at Takashimaya Square. The event was organised by Ulu Pandan Community Club Youth Group and Spinworkx. It attracted up to more than 2000 spectators who enjoyed performances by the various youthful players from all over the world.

Capitalising on the revived interest in yoyo, Mr Fong Yoong Kheong, 23, Vice-chairman of the Eunos CC Youth Executive Committee (YEC) initiated a yoyo interest group at his CC.

He thinks an interest group is an effective way for the YEC to reach out to more youths. He also believes that when people are grouped together by interest, it will allow more interaction and for them to bond together.

“I was walking around the neighbourhood, and I noticed bubble tea shops selling yoyos,” Mr Fong recalled. Not only that, he also saw many young children playing the yoyo while walking back home from school. So, his YEC placed banners near schools, recruiting members for the yoyo interest group, hoping for at least 30 participants before launching the group.

Within three weeks, there were already more than 30 members. Mr Fong was pleased with the response, and the group, month-old group, YoSpinz, meets every other Friday.

At each meeting, the members are arranged in smaller groups according to their proficiency levels. The younger players go through training, with the help of the more skilful yoyo players, while they rehearse for upcoming performances. Their last performance was at Eunos International Volunteers Night.

“After a few gatherings, the members know each other better. Nowadays, people do not interact with each other as much as in the past. With this interest group, they get to interact and learn from one other. I also notice a trend that these players don’t stop at yoyo gatherings, but they go online, add each other on Facebook, and form friendships.”

Are you a yoyo fanatic as well? Anyone below the age of 35 can join the YoSpinz. Currently, the youngest member in the group is seven years old! Registration forms are available at Eunos CC or you can download the forms here. For more information, contact Eunos CC at 6448 6971.

Monday, January 11, 2010

PAYM SLC Community Service Project featured in Berita Harian

"Happy Smiles, Joyous Hearts" - a People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Service Learning Club (SLC) Community Service Project, organised by 5 SLCs and supported by Eunos CC YEC - featured in Berita Harian.

11 Jan 2010


Luang masa suntik kegembiraan

Hisham Hasim

MEREKA bercita-cita menjadi jururawat dan membantu golongan miskin dan memerlukan.

Lantas Amirah Ahmad dan Siti Soleha Borhan, kededuanya 16 tahun, melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kemasyarakatan untuk mendekatkan diri mereka dengan golongan susah.

Mereka adalah pelajar Sekolah Menengah Telok Kurau dan menganggotai Kelab Kemahiran Khidmat (Service-Learning) Gerakan Belia Persatuan Rakyat (PAYM) - sebuah kegiatan kokorikular yang ditubuhkan di sekolah-sekolah.

'Kami sebagai remaja sering ambil mudah akan kehidupan di sini, tetapi sebenarnya banyak lagi unsur-unsur kehidupan yang belum kami kenali,' kata Amirah, pelajar menengah empat.

Atas kesedaran itu, selama lebih dua jam semalam, beliau bersama 35 pelajar lain mendampingi sekitar 250 hadirin terdiri daripada kanak-kanak dari Rumah Kanak-Kanak Jamiyah, dan para penduduk dan peserta sebuah program sarapan pagi 'Happy Happy Sunday'.

Tujuan mereka ialah menghiburkan golongan susah dalam kawasan GRC Aljunied.

Keseluruhan acara itu dirancang dan dilaksanakan sendiri oleh para pelajar daripada lima sekolah menengah dan pemimpin belia daripada Kelab Kemahiran Khidmat PAYM dan juga cabang belia Kelab Masyarakat Eunos [Eunos CC YEC].

Usaha yang dilakukan ini adalah lanjutan daripada lawatan amal ke Perak dari 10 hingga 14 November lalu bagi mengunjungi sebuah rumah anak-anak yatim di sana.

'Kami membantu menaiktaraf pusat tersebut, seperti mengecat dinding dan membaik pulih bilik belajar kanak-kanak itu. Kami mendapat kepuasan melihat kegembiraan di wajah mereka,' kata Siti Soleha.

Tetamu terhormat acara itu adalah Menteri Negara Kanan Ehwal Luar dan Anggota Parlimen bagi GRC Aljunied, Encik Zainul Abidin Rasheed.