Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eunos CC YEC 1 of 5 YECs to mentor PA YOUTHSLead participants

In line with its plan to discover and nurture new generations of grassroot leaders, People's Association has pushed out its flagship training programme, third year in its running. Designed to introduce outstanding individuals in their own fields to the rigours of being grassroots leaders, the PA YOUTHSLead programme bring together its extensive training vendors to equip participants with an appreciation of factors affecting the community and punctuate how these promising individuals can contribute to nurturing a better home they live in. Roping in partners like Outward Bound Singapore and the National Community Leadership Institute, the programme also aims to introduce participants to the resources at their disposal in pushing community initiatives.

Eunos CC YEC is proud to be selected as one of the five mentor YECs where a number of the participants would convene to perform their grassroot organization attachment. Our YEC believes in experiential learning, i.e. learning through doing. We aim to give participants a direct immersion into the activities and organizations governing the community. We will do this by encouraging participants to attend all meetings and activities upon their attachment. In addition, the YEC intends to liaise with the Citizens' Consulatative Committee, Comunity Club Management Committee, various Residents' Committees and allow participants to sit in ccommittee meetings to help them obtain a top-down understanding on how each community is run. Above all, our YEC would work closely with the participants and provide them with resources to propagate an initiative as part of the practical aspect of their training.

Our YEC hopes to learn from the participants and their unique experiences. We hope to demonstrate how the community is run from the Eunos perspective. More so, we actively look forward to promoting a unique initiative with the participants! Ultimately, the YEC hopes to introduce the participants to an experience of service in the community and hopefully welcome them into the big family of youths enacting action for the homes they live in.

Khoo Yi Feng
Training & Development Secretary, 13th term Eunos CC YEC

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