Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over 1,500 youths celebrate SYOG & PA50 @ Eunos

Sounds of basketballs entering the hoops and soccer balls entering the back of the net, along with much cheerful laughter were the alarm clocks for many residents on 10 April 2010. Bedok North Secondary School (BNSS) Service Learning Club (SLC) along with Eunos Community Club (CC) Youth Executive Committee (YEC) co-organized not one, not two, but three major events together that day for all residents to gather and enjoy!

BNSS SLC and Eunos YEC organized Sportacular and YouthOut! 2010. Sportacular was held in the morning in support of Singapore's hosting of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games, while YouthOUT! 2010 happened in the evening in celebration of People's Association 50th birthday. Sportacular is a 2-in-1 Sports event consisting of a sports league and a carnival. Youthout! 2010, held in its 5th consecutive year, is an outdoor dance party where residents let their hair down and dance into the night!

In the early morning on the 10th, participants of the sports leagues were already fighting their hearts out to obtain the top prizes in the under 18 and under 25 soccer and basketball leagues! Players came in all shapes and sizes, with our youngest players aged around 12! But nonetheless, all participants came ready to put forth their best foot and let their opponents taste their skills!

It was definitely a thrilling morning of sporting talents pitting themselves against one another. Fierce battles were brought out to the courts and no mercy was spared for everyone lying in the way even if they were friends off the court. Not long before the heated competitions began, dark clouds started to gather, as if wanting to cool down everyone and lower the tension. When the rain started to pour, the basketball league was relocated to Eunos Community Club where they continued their intense matches in the sheltered court. The soccer maestros were not so lucky as they needed to wait for the rain to stop. Luckily, the rain did not last very long and normalcy was reinstated quickly.

While the sports league involved many heated battles bringing sorrow and joy to many people, the carnival at the Eunos Petal Garden definitely brought joy and smiles to all the residence who were present! Stage performances like Taiji and Chinese dance were definitely interesting and attractive enough to wow the crowds! Also, the H20 walker, inflatable and game stalls also gave children and adults a fun time! Attractive prizes such as water bottles and towels were up for grabs at the many game stalls!

One other attractive aspect that residents looked forward to was the arrival of Lyo and Merly! The mascot for the very first Youth Olympic Games! Participants of Sportacular were delighted to see the arrival of the mascots of the first ever YOG! Photos were taken with Lyo and Merly as they walked around bringing joy to everyone!

Also, our Guest-of-Honour, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & our Adviser Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, also unveiled a YOG Wall designed and painted by students from BNSS. The wall is located at Blk 616 Bedok Reservoir Road. The wall is designed in commemoration and celebration of the first-ever YOG.

As Mr Zainul went around the different booths, the respective sport leagues were already reaching their closure with the finals and 3rd/4th placing matches underway. Eventually, only one team was to emerge triumphant!

Following the closure of Sportacular, preparations were made for YouthOut! 2010. It was the 5th year that YouthOut! was organized and it promised to be a much larger event compared to years before!

The emcee for this dance party was none other than Jeff from Love 97.2 FM! Jeff dazzled the crowd with his charisma and charm. The crowd were all hyped up and ready to go as Jeff took the stage!

Free-flow of drinks and popcorn were available for all participants of YouthOut! as they admired the wonderful performances of the various groups participating in the hip-hop dance competition! As the performers took the stage, music started to play and the crowd was just mesmerized by the performance!

The cheers for the performances got louder by the seconds as each performance was even more heated and exciting in their own aspects! Spectators also casted their votes via SMS for their favorite teams!

After all the teams participating had performed, the dance flow was opened for everyone to let their hair down and dance to the latest hits! Participants were even more thrilled with the appearance of stilt-walkers as Sean Kingston’s hit song “Fire Burning”! Some even ventured onto the stage to dance with the participating teams! It was definitely a dance party that everyone enjoyed!

As the dance floor closed for the announcement of the winners for the hip-hop dance competition and lucky draws, anxiousness started to show on everyone’s face as they hoped that their favorite team would win! And the final winner was………..FRESH ELEMENT! Huge cheers could be heard as everyone shared their joy! Eventually, huge cheers of “encore” could be heard as Fresh Element performed their winning routine once again much to the joy of everyone!

After the lucky draw prizes were distributed, the dance floor reopened as everyone started dancing into the night……

Jordan Ng
Executive Member, 13th term Eunos CC YEC

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