Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For the YOung and YOuthful - YoSpinz on PA's website!

After another successful performance at the recent "Happy Smiles, Joyous Hearts" organised by five PAYM Service Learning Clubs and supported by Eunos CC YEC, there was another piece of good news for YoSpinz, a yo-yo Interest Group under Eunos CC Youth Club. YoSpinz gets featured on the People's Association website!

For the YOung and YOuthful - 11 January 2010

It goes down, and it comes up. Just like playing the yoyo, the sport has its seasons. Playing the yoyo in Singapore was popular in 1997. The hype died down shortly after, only to pick up again, in 2003, when Singapore had its first ever professional “Singapore Yoyo Championships”. The trend started declining soon after but it has picked up momentum again.

Just last year, Singapore played host to the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships (from 31 October 2008 – 2 November 2008) at Takashimaya Square. The event was organised by Ulu Pandan Community Club Youth Group and Spinworkx. It attracted up to more than 2000 spectators who enjoyed performances by the various youthful players from all over the world.

Capitalising on the revived interest in yoyo, Mr Fong Yoong Kheong, 23, Vice-chairman of the Eunos CC Youth Executive Committee (YEC) initiated a yoyo interest group at his CC.

He thinks an interest group is an effective way for the YEC to reach out to more youths. He also believes that when people are grouped together by interest, it will allow more interaction and for them to bond together.

“I was walking around the neighbourhood, and I noticed bubble tea shops selling yoyos,” Mr Fong recalled. Not only that, he also saw many young children playing the yoyo while walking back home from school. So, his YEC placed banners near schools, recruiting members for the yoyo interest group, hoping for at least 30 participants before launching the group.

Within three weeks, there were already more than 30 members. Mr Fong was pleased with the response, and the group, month-old group, YoSpinz, meets every other Friday.

At each meeting, the members are arranged in smaller groups according to their proficiency levels. The younger players go through training, with the help of the more skilful yoyo players, while they rehearse for upcoming performances. Their last performance was at Eunos International Volunteers Night.

“After a few gatherings, the members know each other better. Nowadays, people do not interact with each other as much as in the past. With this interest group, they get to interact and learn from one other. I also notice a trend that these players don’t stop at yoyo gatherings, but they go online, add each other on Facebook, and form friendships.”

Are you a yoyo fanatic as well? Anyone below the age of 35 can join the YoSpinz. Currently, the youngest member in the group is seven years old! Registration forms are available at Eunos CC or you can download the forms here. For more information, contact Eunos CC at 6448 6971.

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