Monday, November 30, 2009

Eunos CC YEC one of 30 GROs to decorate tree for SBG's 150th Anniversary

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Singapore Botanical Gardens, Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development will be lighting up 150 Christmas trees at the Botanical Gardens on 5 Dec 09.

Eunos CC YEC is honoured to be among one of 30 Grassroots Organisations invited to decorate one of the trees at the Botanical Gardens. Embassies, Schools and other Organisations will be decorating the remaining 120 trees.

Eunos Youths will be decorating the YEC's Christmas tree on 4 Dec 09 (Fri) at noon. Interested to be part of this historical event? Email

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yoz! Watch my Yo-yo!

20 November 2009

Members of the Yo-Yo Interest Group met for the first time at Eunos Community Club. The response of the interest group had been good, with more than 30 names in less than a month. Several members called the Eunos CC office now and then to check when the first meeting would be held.

Welcoming the members, Eunos CC YEC Vice-Chairman Fong Yoong Kheong conducted a short introductory session by explaining the purpose of the IG. Then, each of the members introduced themselves followed by a showcase of their best Yo-yo trick. It was an awesome display as they began splitting atoms, walking the dog, shoot rockets, and do bikinis (yea, it's not a typo).

Also in attendance were Eunos CC YEC Chairman Sear Hock Rong and Children's Programme Secretary Diana Chua.

After everyone introduced themselves, they were grouped according to their proficiency. They picked their group leaders and came out with their group names - Spin6, Yoyo Freakz, Laser, etc.

The "veteran" Yo-yo players then coached their peers into learning new tricks.

The next gathering would be held on 4 December 2009 (Friday) at Eunos Community Club. Feel free to join in!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make-A-Wish Online Contest

Design and Make a wish and stand to win attractive prizes! All submitted entries would also be pinned onto the Christmas nettings at the Pavillion between Blk 622 & 623 Bedok Reservoir Road throughout Christmas.

Click on the image below, then save the image file (right click + save as). Then, add some designs, wordings and photos on it.

Judging Criteria

50% goes to Contents, 50% goes to Design

Entry Criteria/ Terms & Conditions

  • Make-A-Wish Online Contest is open to anyone aged 12-35, inclusive and/or Residents of Eunos Zone '3' (Blk 619-629 Bedok Reservoir Road)
  • Size of image file should be kept at 640x480 pixel
  • Entries must be submited to or Eunos Community Club Constituency Office latest by 15 December 2009
  • For emails, the header should be "My Wish this X'mas" and you should send in these particulars: Name, I/C, Address, Email, Contact No.
  • Submitted entries must be original.
  • Eunos CC YEC and Eunos Zone '3' RC reserve the rights to use the designs
  • Decision of judges and organising committee is final. Winners will be notified by phone/email.

Deadline for submission: 15 December 2009

Submit your designs to today!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BNSS SLC clinches 2 meritorious awards at inaugural S-L Fest

17 November 2009

Bedok North Secondary School Service Learning Club (SLC) wins big at the inaugural People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Service Learning Festival! BNSS SLC won an award each in the school-level category as well as the community-level category.

Eunos CC YEC would like to congratulate our BNSS SLC for the outstanding performance.

Under the mentorship of the Eunos CC YEC, BNSS SLC successfully organised the "Are YOUths Stressed? To benefit or to get rid" forum which won the meritorious award under the community-level category.

The students spent about 6 months preparing for the forum. From designing the publicity materials to inviting schools to send students to attend the forum, the SLC students learnt a lot on event management and picked up many useful skills.

The Guest-of-Honour was Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Development, MP for Sembawang GRC & Adviser to Central Youth Council.

Out of all the winning teams, 4 presented their projects and BNSS SLC was one of them. Enjoy their presentation:

Service Learning Trip to Kampar, Malaysia

Hock Rong led 19 students from five Service Learning Clubs (SLC) on a Service Learning trip to Kampar, Malaysia from 10 Nov to 14 Nov 2009. Of the 19 students, 4 of them were from our very own Bedok North Secondary School SLC.

This trip was the 2nd PAYM SLC Young Ambassadors' Programme. During the 5-day trip, SLC members embarked on a caving experience in Malaysia's largest cave and painted a huge classroom of a local Orphanage. At the Orphanage, SLC members also conducted interesting activities and games such as origami, art & craft, pick-up sticks and word games.

Although SLC members were not able to perform for the children at the Orphanage, they managed to make a 'flash' performance at the famous West Lake at Kampar, Malaysia. Many passer-bys stopped to watch our talented SLC members dance to the popular song, 'Nobody' by Wondergirls.

It was a wonderful experience and everyone looked forward to the next Service Learning trip!

Team Eunos upped 2 spots in Dragonboat Race

8 November 2009

In 2008, Team Eunos Youths came in last in the youth category for the Dragonboat race. This year, we upped two spots, climbing up to the 4th position!

Other than the youth category, there was the RC, CCMC/CCC, WEC categories and the Aljunied Dragonboat Challenge.

Present for the event were Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo, Minister Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and our Adviser Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed.

Our team did three sessions of intensive dragonboat training and everyone enjoyed the sport. Indeed, some had requested to form an interest group so that everyone can meet once a month to row leisurely.

Team Eunos doing the Eunos cheer:

Exciting sport? Email if you are keen to join in the dragonboat team!

Workplan Retreat at Downtown East Chalet

30 October 2009

It was a thunderstorm outside the chalet at Downtown East, and we were all brainstorming on the YEC workplan for year 2010.

The strong wind didn't manage to cool the passionate flame burning robustly in the room. Each of the respective secretaries proposed their projects for the coming work year and everyone discussed about the direction of the YEC as a whole.

Some interesting project ideas were "Clubbing for a Cause" (proceeds from clubbing entrance fee donated to charity), sports carnival, Amazing Race and the list just builds on!

Have a project that benefits the community and want to see it executed? Communicate with us @ !

Twins in Action (literally!) 2009

10 October 2009

Eunos CC YEC supported the Twins in Action 2009, an event which saw more than 2o pairs of twins congregate in the Eunos Community Club Multipurpose Hall. If you didn't know it was an event featuring twins, you would have been confused and overwhelmed with the duplicating sights.

The twins ranged from aged 6 months old to 60+ years old. Several twins performed and showcased their talents for the judges and audience. The most talented twins performed a cowboy-cowgirl dance:

Youths celebrate Hari Raya with kampong music, dance and satays!

4 October 2009

The smell of barbecuing satays, oil torches tied to the pillars, palm tree leaves combined with the traditional kampong music and dance perfomances threw everyone back to the kampong times.

Beside the backdrop that read "Sinar Lebaran di Perkampungan", members of the Eunos CC Youth Executive Committee were all in their kebayas and baju kurongs (Malay traditional costumes).

As the two lovely lady emcees declared the dinner to commence, YEC members began to serve the tasty kueh-kuehs to the tables.

We were at a Hari Raya celebration jointly organised by the YEC and Eunos Zone '2' Residents' Committee. The event was sponsored by Chuen Cheong Food Industries (Pte) Ltd.

The Guest-of-Honour was our Adviser, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC.

For the past few months, the organising committee led by Noor Abdillah, Assistant Treasurer of Eunos CC YEC, worked hard to prepare for the event.

It was an entertaining night where our Malay cultural group, Ayunda Lestari, and various artistes performed traditional Malay dances and songs.