Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Happy Sunday

27 September 2009

Our youths placed smiles on faces at the weekly Happy Happy Sunday held at the Old Temporary Market. Happy Happy Sunday is a project providing free breakfast to needy families residing in Eunos. Spanning 52 weeks long, the project is organised by Eunos Zone '2' & '5' RC and supported by the Bedok Reservoir Shop Merchants' Association.

In support of the project, Eunos youths organised a gameshow for the families. Participants were surprised when they came for breakfast. Were they at the right place? They wondered.

Hock Rong and Yoong Kheong co-hosted the gameshow which saw children performing the eyebrow-twitching to the tune of the Cadbury advertisement, as well as adults dancing the Korean hit song "Nobody".

It was a beautiful sunday, indeed.

1,000 celebrated Lantern Festival at Eunos

26 September 2009