Thursday, September 3, 2009

Youth Leaders voted into 13th term Eunos CC YEC

25 July 2009

116 Eunos CC Youth Club members congregated at the Eunos CC theatrette to cast their votes for their ideal youth leaders for the 13th term Eunos Community Club Youth Executive Committee (YEC) at the 13th YEC Biennial General Meeting (BGM).

To be a Eunos CC Youth Club member, one needs to be a registered PAssion card holder of age between 12 and 35, inclusive.

At the registration counter, Eunos CC Youth Club members received the programme booklets, beautifully designed by the 12th term YEC's Publicity Secretary Mandy Loh. Among other information within the booklets are profiles of the 13th YEC BGM candidates as well as the events and financial reports for the 12th term YEC.

The Guest-of-Honour is our Adviser Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & MP for Aljunied GRC.

The presentation of the Chairman's Report, Secretary's Report and Financial Report followed right after a short video about the 12th term Eunos CC YEC. Chairman Sear Hock Rong then called for the dissolution of the 12th term Eunos CC YEC.

Presiding Chairman, Mr Stephen Chia PBM, who is also Treasurer of Eunos Community Club Management Committee (CCMC), took over the meeting and called for the candidates to make their election speeches. After all had spoken, the casting of votes commenced.

As votes were counted, Emcee Azhar Rashid conducted gameshows "Are you a Movie Junkie?", and "Don't Forget the Lyrics" which kept member entertained.

Click here to view the 13th term Eunos CC YEC members

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