Friday, September 11, 2009

MacRitchie Nature Trail Walk

30 August 2009

TreeTop Walk @ MacRitchie is organised by the Eunos CC YEC, led by Organising Chairman Sear Hock Rong.

The five senses are assaulted upon embarking at MacRitchie Reservoir Venus Drive. Lush greeneries greeted the eyes. Wide patches of resilent grass provided a teaser as to what would come. Following a light limbering exercise, the YEC Nature Trail gang of 30-odd "hikers" embarked on an adventurous treetop walk into the wilderness. Stepping foot into the soft, luscious soil, the heart is calmed instantly by nature's remedies. Greeted by cacophonies of cricket's chirping and sparse light seeping through the thick canopy overhead, the aroma of fresh air and nature's brews or odours assailed the noses. Mother Nature always hold surprises. With each soft footing, the trail proved to be an uphill challenge as hikers soon meet obstacles like steeper steps and uneven terrain. Even with the elderly amongst us, the "hikers" gang were upbeat and determined to embrace the walk. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Looking at the surrounding vegetation, one cannot be pacified by the numerous creepy-crawlies living amongst it. Monkeys (Long-tailed Macaque), pangolins, dragonflies, moths, beetles, Mynas shared the same habitat we tracked. It reminded us, that we, humans are actually a part of this shared nature and larger habitat that we reside in.

It was a well-awarded break when the contingent stop at the Ranger Station, for a breather before looking towards conquering the highlight of the trail. However, no matter how determined the hikers were, Mother Nature was more adamant to trump us. Overhead, dark clouds loom. And what trickle as a drizzle soon blew into a full-blown downpour. As torrents lashed out mercilessly, the YEC was forced to concede that the trail walk would probably end up in abandonment. Even as two YEC members (Toh Wee and myself) made a brief recee amid the downpour, to the entrance of the 250m HSBC Treetop Walk entrance and received the ranger's go-ahead sign, the lashing torrents, steep upslopes and slippery trails proved to be too big a deterrence.

Amid the thinning rain, the hikers retracted their path and headed back to Venus Link. Dampened but not disheartened, the YEC was warmed by the glowing encouragement of the residents who joined the team for the hiking trail. Nature has her wonders, and its these charms that make the forests around us, so interesting, so mysterious, so rich, so...

Khoo Yi Feng,
Training & Development Secretary, 13th term Eunos CC YEC

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