Thursday, September 3, 2009

800 danced to celebrate Singapore's 44th National Day

31 July 2009

There are many ways to express your patriotism to the nation for National Day. Eunos chose dance!

In an extraordinary attempt, Eunos CC YEC did something that few would have heard of - a full-fledged dance party in the middle of the heartlands! Painted with rotating colorful lights, highly energetic music and exciting performances, the Eunos Petal Garden was truly a portrait full of life and happiness on the last day of July 2009.

YouthOUT! is an annual dance party event organised by the Eunos CC YEC. It had its roots as a void deck party 4 years ago. Last year, the event was held indoors at Eunos CC MPH. This year marks the first time YouthOUT! is held outdoors and at such a large scale.

YouthOUT! 2009 is spearheaded by the Eunos CC YEC and organised by Eunos Grassroots Organisations, in partnership with Eunos CCC Family Life Champion. For the first time, YouthOUT! is open to the young and old and the family. National Day is for everyone!

Led by Organising Co-Chairmen Sear Hock Rong and Fong Yoong Kheong, preparations for the event dated back to many weeks ago, since the idea was conceived. From late evenings door-to-door tickets sales by YEC members, courting of performers to rock the event down to the ground preparations, it was truly no mean feat. With an 800 strong crowd, stepping up to the night's energetic dances and grooving to the well-spun music, Eunos Petal Garden transformed into a dance floor!

Owing to a spontaneous programme list and flowing drinks, popcorn, chips, crackers, participants were truly entertained by the second. Performers include Hip-Hop dances by The Fizzy Fabulous, F2DM, UDC; Break dance by Cypher Crazed Crew; Beatbox by Bryan, Charles and Flavaone; Percussion band performance by Voodoo; Bhangra dance. Children were entertained by balloon sculpturing by Mr Lightning Finger and the inflatables!

As the party-goers grooved happily to the night's music and encouraged by the feedback from appreciative residents and grassroots leaders, YEC efforts have paid off.

Putting the success behind us and moving on, the YEC has countless people to thank but YEC will draw strength from the favourable responses from residents and party-goers. And organise more exciting activities that will make you yearn for more in the upcoming two years!

Khoo Yi Feng,
Training & Development Secretary, Eunos CC YEC

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